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Cities across India, are growing at a rapid pace ever since the advent of the 21st century.

As cities grow, infrastructure begins to boom and the population begins to soar.

This in turn creates a need for real estate, for commercial, residential and semi commercial purposes.

Organizations from across the globe are looking to invest in real-estate to shift a smooth transition in the case of scaling.

In such a scenario, technology plays a very crucial role in enabling marketing that traverses all boundaries.

In such a scenario, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality help boost the effects of technology by creating immersive experiences that tantalize the eyes of potential customers.

Why is XR important in real estate?

If you are wondering what the impact of XR will be on real estate, particularly in the commercial space, reflect on this statistic:

8 among every 10 real estate agents use virtual staging to help their potential customers understand the true value that the property will be offering them, by giving them an interactive and immersive experience.

Extended Reality can be used to commercialize real estate, and this number will only increase.

In fact, it is expected that the Real Estate sector will grow significantly by the end 2022.

XR Real: A One-Stop Solution for Commercial Real-Estate

Now that you know that extended reality can definitely boost marketing, how will you deploy it for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) and Organizations?

XR Real is the answer to this question. It’s a one-stop solution which enables Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

XR Real is a great value because of its many offerings. It allows organizations and customers to virtually visit a building and experience its beauty.

Print Augmentation:

Commercial spaces are very much in demand today. In the past only large establishments and organisations invested in commercial space.

Individuals can now make small or mid-sized investments in commercial properties by investing through organizations that allow such investments.

In such a case, it might not always be possible for the micro-investors to visit a place.

Print Augmentation comes in handy in this case. Investors and potential customers can scan a QR code or barcode to get dynamic information.

Furthermore, this removes space restrictions and adds a lot of value to brochures and other conventional media.

AR Models of Visualization:

Many of us wished we could watch animated 3D films when we were younger. They would immerse and make us feel like we were there.

In today’s world this can be done for pretty much everything.

A 3D AR Model allows customers to get a bird’s and worm’s view of the façades of different buildings as well as their surrounding areas.

This can help people make better buying decisions based on real facts and images than their imaginations.

VR Visits:

If just offering an AR based view doesn’t make the cut, why not engage HNIs in the process by letting them visit buildings.

With VR glasses, they can enter any building that exists or is only on paper.

They will be better equipped to evaluate the entire building, and make more informed investments or purchases.

Improving Aggregator Information:

In today’s world, both residential and commercial real estate investors look upto aggregator websites for information.

In such cases, it is likely for the seller or agent to put up incorrect or false information.

It is also likely that the potential buyers may imagine something that is entirely different from what the property actually is.

AR-based models are useful for everyone, regardless of whether the building or space is being rented, leased, sold, or both.

This makes all the parties concerned be more transparent in their dealings and effects better understanding of the property.

Expos and Property Fairs:

Commercial Real-estate investors are on the lookout for property fairs where they can scout for and purchase properties.

Virtual fairs are possible in the absence of traditional ones due to the pandemic.

360-Degree Videos

A 360-Degree Video is eye-catching and will allow people to see the micro and macro details of a property.

By putting up a video of the property on a website, organizations can boost their marketing efforts by leaps and bounds.

Like the other solutions, this too will enable better and clearer decision making.

The Roundup:

The advantages that AR and VR offer to the real estate industry is immense. Here are some of them:

  1. It reduces marketing costs in facilitating site visits by over 60%. This is a huge saving and can save companies tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. It maximizes the value of the marketing instrument and reduces logistics involved with multiple site visits, the employment of coordinators and so forth.
  3. Improves the productivity of marketing and sales functions by leaps and bounds.

If you are looking to create an impact in Real Estate, look no further! XR Real is your one-stop solution to enabling your organization technologically.

Augray is a pioneer in technology in real-estate and will give you an experience that will leave you positively spellbound!

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.