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With the challenging time the world is passing through right now, companies are looking out for alternate means to display and demonstrate a product. Companies are seeking creative ways to connect with their consumers and using future technology to showcase a company’s vision has remarkable benefits. One of the trends that have been on the rise and gaining traction has been the Virtual reality (VR) product demo or VR sales assistants.  VR has proven to be one of the most efficient ways for companies to demonstrate their latest products and connect with consumers in unique ways like never before.  

Currently, sales representatives are using demo practices that are in-flexible, non-immersive and unmodified for decades, despite significant advancements in technology. Here are few of the drawbacks in the traditional demo

  • Not Scalable – limited number of audience at a time
  • Static demo – non interactive content fails to engage customers
  • Traditional metrics – can only measure basic metrics of sales effectiveness
  • Currently risky – due to Covid-19 it can be risky to travel and offer demos

VR product demo is an effective way of showcasing products/processes through a live and interactive demonstration. VR demos enable consumers to try-before-buy and experience the product in 360 views with smaller details. Overall VR acts as a medium for knowledge enhancement in sales demos. Alongside enabling companies to demonstrate products immersively VR demo showcase the company’s transition towards product excellence and innovation.

VR can place the consumer in a replica virtual environment and allow the consumer to simulate the function of any product or service. Consumers can simulate various conditions or circumstances to understand the response of the product to changing conditions. They can also place the real size product along with other inventories to understand the get along with other products on the floor. VR can be used to highlight product features and display superimposes to enhance product knowledge to provide a more informed consumer that directs to sustained sales.  VR empowers consumer confidence through well informed purchase decisions, thus companies that use modern technologies like AR/VR will see a surge in sales and experience higher conversion rates.  The VR revolution will continue to grow and more companies will enhance their sales and product offerings using immersive technology.

Businesses can’t improve if they can’t measure. Deploying VR product experience for sales helps companies to accurately monitor the sales process and performance with an advanced analytics dashboard. All of the metrics including engagement rate, engagement time, attention span, brain capacity, and many others can be accurately measured to improve the sales process or creative content. In the digital era, understanding sales process effectiveness and determining return on investment (ROI) is incredibly important in building strategies and allocating associated budgets, and VR product demo can provide this advanced information to a high degree of accuracy and granularity. 

Companies are realizing the limitless capability of VR and are adopting VR technology as more and more consumers have access to the game-changing potential of VR experiences. Innovative companies are already giving the world a glance at the infinite possibilities that VR could offer, especially with the development of VR sales tools and creative storytelling.

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