Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are considered to be heaven on earth for people on the other side of the world.

Known for a combination of cutting-edge technology, sports, quality nutrition and low population, these two remote yet popular nations in the Southern Hemisphere have already created an indelible mark in on the world in many fronts.

Despite the mark it has created, there’s always room to make things better, and this holds true for literally anything in the world.

Here’s how Extended Reality (A combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) can be deployed to make these nations more exiting and exhilarating. 


To the world, the one thing most (if not all) Australians and Kiwis are good at is Sports! While sports do include a solid physical component, other aspects such as workouts and visiting stadiums can be make more interesting through the power of virtual and extended reality!

Here is a peek into the applications of AR and VR in Sport:

3600 Videos:

The fame of SCG and MCG is known across the world. People yearn to visit it but can do so owing to restrictions.

Why not provide them the experience of visiting these monumental sporting destinations from their homes?

A 360 Degree, three-dimensional model of these places can help people view and marvel at these places.

This can be pushed a notch higher by even offering 360-degree videos of all these places!

Training and Workouts:

Thanks to the pandemic, people have had to stay away from their loved ones. This has put considerable strain on their daily routine.

Wouldn’t it be fun to work out with a workout buddy who isn’t just an avatar, but a friend and workout partner too?

VR Enabled Live Match View:

When people can’t visit the field, let’s take the field to them!

Be it cricket, hockey or football, fans love to visit the stadium and cheer for their team. This experience can be offered to them from the comfort of their homes.

By wearing a VR headset, fans can watch the match live, with all the sound and action, just as it would be if they were watching it from a stadium.

Now that we’ve covered one major aspect of Australia and New Zealand, let us see another.

Guess what it is?

If you said Tourism! Yes, you are right!


In 2018 and 2019, over 9 million visitors visited Australia and New Zealand every year.

This number took a hit, thanks to the pandemic, but will surely see an upswing in the years to come. Here’s how AR and VR can be deployed to improve tourism.

AR / VR Games:

Interest in travelling to different places can be brought about by creating immersive games! For instance, an AR based game, can allow a person to virtually traverse through Australia.

By virtually visiting these places, a person may stand to gain prices, such a selfie in front of the Opera Theatre, Great Barrier Reef and so on.

This will particularly create a nice experience for children and young adults.

Treasure Hunts in Locations:

The grand and spacious malls of Australia are the perfect locations for such treasure hunts! With the advent of Augmented Reality (AR), treasure hunts have undergone a metamorphosis into a new and interactive digital avatar.

The concept of a treasure hunt is enhanced and made more exciting, when paired with the immersive capabilities of Augmented Reality.

Digitally interactive,

AR enabled treasure hunts are combining the idea of a conventional physical scavenger hunt with the exciting world of augmented reality.

Augmented Reality allows the overlay of virtual elements over a real-world location, which can be perceived using digital devices like smartphones.

AR treasure hunts can be used to create a sequence of location-based clues and can be spread over larger areas.

They’re a great way to engage hundreds of players easily and seamlessly. They offer people of all age groups an opportunity to experience the simple joys of childhood all over again.

AR Enabled Selfies and Photos:

For instance,

in zoos, tourists can scan a QR code near every exhibit and can view videos of the animal in its natural habitat or add an anthropometric version of the animal into their selfie at the zoo!

Such similar experiences can be created in buildings of national importance, monuments, galleries, and tourist attractions too!

The Bottom Line:

The activities suggested above can be personalised to the likes of the customers.

For instance, instead of a mall-based treasure hunt, a nation-wide hunt can be created.

Additionally, learning, and educational activities through AR and VR can be facilitated.

The imagination is the limit when it comes to enabling XR.

Let’s enable Extended Reality and make the world cooler.

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