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The world of sales is a numbers game. However, it’s also about how efficiently you sell. Sure, you could use certain tried-and-tested methods in sales to guarantee solid ROI for your campaigns. That being said, sales also relies on how you present your product’s potential value to a customer. How much can you convey just through the spoken word? It’s high time salesmen across the world gained a few tricks up their sleeve to streamline their sales cycles. The prime contender to enter that list is XR. Curious? Take a deep dive with us into the world of XR.

The Core of Sales

If you’ve dabbled in the basics of finance and marketing, you probably know that sales come in two different beasts: B2B and B2C. Both variants are poles apart, right from the nature of the marketing funnels right to the conversions and ROI aspect. 

– B2B sales strategies focus on the specifics of your product. You pitch to a target audience that already knows what they want, and is looking for maximum value on investment. 

– B2C sales methods are a lot more free-flowing. Your target audience has no tangible limits and other factors like FOMO and peer pressure comes into play. As a customer, you yourself have probably come across these sales techniques time and again.

Where does XR factor into all this? Simple. It redefines the way the average consumer experiences their product. Pretty soon, it’ll be a force of nature in any company’s sales cycle. All said and done, sales enablement is about guaranteeing better ROI for the product consistently across all target audiences. Believe it or not, XR can play a monumental role in this regard.

Smarter XR, Better Sales

If marketing executives want better sales, they have to improve the precision of their targeting, not reinvent the process entirely. When you filter out the necessary details regarding the target demographic, you understand the sales cycle process in crystal-clear precision. This applies to both B2B and B2C avenues of sales in the market. In a nutshell, if you want better ROI, you have to work smart and refine the process.

Augmented Reality customer engagement

XR is all about smart work, luckily. XR technology has the power to create true-to life imaging and elements in real-time, enhancing our perception of the world. AR, VR and MR technology is developing by the day, further cementing XR’s potential for the mainstream. 

Let’s say, you’re looking to buy a home theatre system. It’s an expensive commodity, so you need to do your research beforehand, right? XR can give you the true experience of a home theatre system sold in the retail market, even before you step out of the house. If you have the right gear, you can simulate a complete altered reality experience that gives you the full feeling of the home theatre system you’re looking for. Wouldn’t that make a huge difference in your sales decision ultimately?

A New Dimension Of Sales Enablement

When you picture sales enablement, the concept is more about the salesmen than it is about the manufacturing and sales companies themselves. For a salesman to do his job properly, you can’t just throw a product at him and nothing else, expecting him to exponentially increase your ROI. He has to believe in the product as well, and he needs the tools to close the sale with the client. Nowadays, in the mainstream market, sales executives are given a toolkit that consists of 

– Product samples

– Membership Forms

– Visiting Cards

– Laptops with PPTs

Door-to-door salesmen are prime candidates for lugging around all these objects, in the name of sales enablement. Doesn’t this entire ensemble sound a little outdated? It’s time for a digital transformation. XR can give salesmen the world over a much-needed boost in their toolkits. How is this possible? Take a look for yourself!

WebAR Augray

  • VR technology can help marketing divisions pitch products to prospective clients in ways like never before, especially through holograms.
  • Customer support would gain a new dimension thanks to the power of augmented reality. You can get a customer executive’s real-time assistance within minutes, no matter where you are in the world!
  • The presence of XR solution would also enable salespeople the world over to optimize their sales cycles significantly. 

We’ve taken a look at the surface of how XR can fuel marketing and marketing enablement worldwide. What about specific case studies across multiple industrial sectors? That’s where we’re heading to next.

Sales Across Sectors

Since sales is traditionally associated with a product-based approach, let’s tackle those divisions first. How can manufacturing and retail product sector sales benefit from XR solution?


Augmented Reality in Automobile sector

With the power of XR, you can have first-hand access to tailoring products based on consumer preferences. It’s a degree of personalization like never before. Happier customers means more ROI, so it makes sense from a sales perspective as well!


Web based AR

Since this field is the future of sales, it is only natural that XR makes a foray into the field as well. There’s so much unexplored potential here, especially in how products are presented to users on the platform. With a VR experience on flagship products, you can amplify user engagement and close the sale with them effectively. Let’s hope it becomes a reality in the near future!


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Though not strictly a sales-oriented field, the pharmaceutical arena could also benefit greatly from an XR makeover. Since the field is so tech-intensive and not layman-friendly, XR could play a role in making these pharma products more accessible to the general public. XR can also be used to facilitate conversions on new, more effective drugs that enter the market. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumer as well as the salesperson!

Sales Enablement Made Smart

When we talk sales enablement, we’re talking endless potential, because that is how human nature is. We want bigger, better things, with value-for-money being the name of the game. Fortunately, XR is shaping up to be a game-changer in that regard. Let’s look to the horizons with bright hopes for XR!

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