Augmented Reality in marketing

72% of people purchased a product they didn’t intend to purchase initially, because of AR

AR enabled brands experience 68% more customer engagement than other brands.

A product needs to capture the interest of customers for marketing to be successful. In recent times Augmented Reality or AR as it is commonly known is capturing the imagination of customers and drawing them to the product through the use of unparalleled experiences that are brought to the customer through their mobile phones.


Augmented reality (AR) is emerging as a popular trend among marketers and sales strategists, in an attempt to give customers unique and engaging experiences with the convenience of being immersed into the campaign with their mobile devices.

Mobiles and Tablets have become extremely common and are considered to be one of the most significant media forms through which people interact with each other, and with brands. Mobile based apps and advertisements are increasingly driving purchase decisions. AR gives organizations a tool that is useful in driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices.

A person on average spends at least an hour a day using their mobile phone.

What better way than to reach them through their mobiles!

Are you wondering how AR can drive sales? Here are some proven ways in which organizations have successfully boosted their marketing efforts with AR.

Try Before they Buy

Customers love to try products before they purchase them. Test-drives, trial rooms and cosmetic sampler packs are proof that people want to try products before they make a conscious purchase decision. With hygiene and safety concerns occupying the customers mind in the wake of the pandemic, people are looking for a touch-free way to test products before purchasing them.

AR Commerce

By using the power of AR, prospective customers can virtually try on makeup, clothes and accessories. A wide range of home-related products such as rugs, cushions and even furniture can be tried or tested virtually. AR removes or reduces the need for physical trials and allows customers to try on or sample dozens or even hundreds of products with just a click of their mouse.

Virtual Shop Visits

People across the world are refraining from visiting shops and malls owing to fears associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Business Establishments are now virtually bringing the store to their customers homes through Augmented Reality. The customer may open an app, choose products and even virtually try their products before making a purchase.

Hyundai, Mercedes and other Automotive Brands are currently piloting the idea of virtual show room visits and tests through augmented reality.  Mercedes even launched an AI assistant and an AR interface that helps customers virtually experience features of the automobiles. This initiative makes people feel connected to the brand and can drive sales.

Create a Brand Buzz

Brands Can promote themselves through Augmented Reality. For instance, in Singapore, the health promotion authority created a campaign in which QR codes were placed on the containers or packaging of healthy food options.

Qr scan augmented reality

Customers can scan the QR Code and receive data on the nutrition provided by that particular food item. This initiative created or promoted the buzz of certain brans or products being more health conscious or people friendly than others.

Pepsi, Coke and several other FMCG brands have created a buzz around their brand by offering customers unparalleled AR experiences.

Augmented Brochures and Catalogues

In some scenarios, it many be absolutely essential for a brand or organization to have physical brochures. The space on these catalogues or brochures can be utilized by adding an AR element to it for the purpose of boosting customer interaction with the brand and supporting marketing as a result.

Augmented Reality in Advertising

Alternatively, an AR enabled business card or note, can take the person directly to the website, or provide more information on the business, thereby delimiting the volume of information that can be provided within a small space.

B2B Marketing with Augmented Reality

AR is poised and stands ready to transform B2B marketing by redefining customer-vendor interactions and experiences in several ways. The B2B sales process has been fraught with the difficulty of balancing customer expectations and the limitations of what a supplier can realistically provide other establishments. AR has the potential to create significant improvements along the entire chain of the sales process.

Dynamic Sales Presentation material, that includes videos and AR enabled activities enables the B2B customer to understand a product without the physical product or system. This is especially useful when marketing products or services across geographies. The traditional model of using salespeople armed with brochures, thick catalogues and flyers, and perhaps a working model is now a thing of the past. The salesforce of today can be equipped with a simple digital device and present exciting 360° views of their offerings through Augmented Reality. That’s not all, troubleshooting help can also be provided through AR, making the product more purchasable and favourable in the eyes of the customer.

Augmented Reality : Where Marketing Grows and Soars

AR is a massive boon to marketing!

The impact of AR on engaging and attracting customers is unmistakeable. It offers organisations and customers the option to customise offerings and create interactive experiences that answer the needs and requirements of customers.

augmented reality

In general, the attention of customers’ needs to be captured for a product or service to become a success. AR does more than capturing the attention of the customers. It not only helps in marketing the product or service effectively but also creates a reproducible marketing model that can be iterated upon.

Additionally, AR can make customers take an active part in the design and development of their products. This is especially exciting to customers as they love their voices being heard. Customer feedback or input can be used to give customers the product they want, at the right time. 

If you are wondering if you should deploy AR in marketing, look at the stats presented at the beginning of this article. AR make a huge difference! 

Marketing is enthusiasm and excitement transferred to the customer

AR Creates that enthusiasm!

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.