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Your Network is your Net worth!

Meeting people, building contacts, and projecting the abilities of a business are most crucial in building a business. A business is generally the first impression a person has of a person or business, and it is crucial to make business cards as relevant as possible.

Among the people who attend networking events, less than 10% leave the event having made meaningful connections. The rest leave with a stash of business cards, and often do not hear from the people they have given their card to.

If this sounds familiar to you, do not be surprised. Conventional printed business cards are cumbersome to hold and get lost easily. Additionally, the information provided to potential collaborators, customers, and vendors is limited by the physical space available on the card. Physical business cards are expensive to print and may not be attractive.

The solution to this problem is AR Business cards, which considerably transform the way people network with each other in a formal environment. Here are some AR features that enable business cards and how you can use them to better connect to your network.

The AR edges

An AR enabled card can be scanned, and the information stored in a spreadsheet for easy access. Similarly, it can be distributed to people limitlessly without having to worry about running short (like physical cards). Potential customers can zoom into the card and view the minutiae without struggling to read the small letters on the card.

It overcomes all the problems and difficulties posed by traditional thick paper cards by eliminating problems of shortage, readability.

QR Codes on Conventional Cards

If you want to redefine your business card by making it digital, but still want to have a physical card, what do you do?

Placing a QR code on the business card which directs the user to the webpage of the organization or takes the user to a portal where there can find more information on the product, service or person is a great way to put the space on the card to good use.

Bid Adieu to Paper Cards

When was the last time you saved a business card for a long time?

More often than not we just click a picture of the card to save the contact details. Sometimes in conferences and networking events, people place a stash of cards next to their posters to enable interested collaborators to get in touch with them. In lieu of wasting countless paper cards, placing one AR enabled card can help people visiting networking events scan the card, which can in turn take them to a 3D avatar of the person talking about the product or service.

Add Multiple Media Formats to one Paperless Card

In the past, it was only possible to have textual information, and limited pictorial information on a business card. However, on an AR card, which can be scanned, information in a variety of formats including videos, audios, and infographics can be incorporated, making the business card, and business proposition more exciting. Additionally, viewers can be given the same information through a variety of formats and can choose the format they desire to see or hear.

Diminishing the Barriers of Language

At international conferences and networking events, and interactions involving people who primarily speak different languages, one major problem posed is the language difference. It is not uncommon to see physical cards being printed in only one (or sometimes two) languages. This linguistic barrier is completely removed with AR enabled cards. Users viewing a card can be given the option of viewing the content in different languages, enabling better understanding between the parties concerned.

Making offerings more attractive

A combination of enabling AR features and capturing the interest of potential customers through conventional marketing makes business cards more attractive. In the past, establishments provided Business Cards with a small chip in them to enable the card to be used as a thumb drive. While that is passed, newer and better forms of personal branding are dominating the scene.

A business card needed just be a card. It can be a cube with a code, on which a 3D avatar appears, which also doubles as a paperweight. Similarly, an AR enabled portfolio can be connected to a QR code which is pasted on a wireless charger, or any device the person will use daily.

Finding multiple functions and uses to make AR enabled cards more functional and attractive is only bound by the imagination!

Accessibility for All!

Conventional Paper-Based cards are not friendly to the visually impaired and people who experience difficulty in reading. This limitation can be overcome by providing a small braille patch with a button, which will provide information in audio format.

A card for everyone in your network

Enable your organization and employees with the new-age AR powered card, and help the organization reach the right vendors, suppliers, collaborators, and customers. Aid your organization in reaching echelons of development by reaching the right networks.

10 Billion business cards are printed annually, and 8 Billion are tossed out within a week. Let yours not be one.

The Augray Effect – Make your business card count!

Augray, the pioneer of everything AR has launched AR enabled business cards that enable people to put forth the best version of themselves. The services included in this package include the creation of an interactive 3D avatar, where the body type, facial features, and attire can be customized. 

We are just a call away to consult and ideate about the Augmented Reality business cards. Get one for you and your business today.



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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.