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Augmented Reality is a naive technology, even if it was first coined in the year 1990. More recently in the year 2016, the AR got its pace and more recently it is fast grabbing the internet and technology world. With the Augmented Reality being considered as a valuable addition to the technology world, we believe the Web-based Augmented Reality will soon reach the mainstream with the markers.

Most of the technical experts are exploring the Web Augmented Reality and better ways on how to implement it. Since it is considered to be a valuable addition to easily convert the existing websites and their pages; “WebAR” is sure to change the perspective of the buyers and the look of the current websites and web pages.

So What is WebAR

WebAR is a new emerging technology that uses your mobile device to provide an augmented reality (AR) experience. As the name suggests WebAR uses the same underlying technology that any other website uses, this allows us to create AR experiences that are just as dynamic as a typical website or web app and does not need an app (no mobile app or wearables). the AR can be experienced by just visiting a webpage or triggered by the browser.

What Difference Does It Make 

Up until now, you need to have a standalone app (or integrate functionality into an existing app) to experience Augmented Reality. WebAR promises to take away the hassle of downloading an app. With this advancement, the potential reach for a brand grows significantly providing the convenience for consumers to click an image to open the mobile camera and experience AR instantly. 

WebAR can be easily run on web browsers on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems. It is easy to implement cross-platform without apps. WebAR is mainly shared by URLs

WebAR can change the perspective of the website’s visitors

Take for example, with the advent of the WebAR people can learn better on the education websites and at the same time, the potential homebuyers can visualize the objects they look may appear at their homes, during the times of shopping instantly by a click on the mobile page from their mobile devices without a need to install anything and it provides the ability for content creators to make the content more flexible and scalable. 

How things are changing for the WebAR?

More recently, the availability of AR on the Smartphones ensured that the future of this technology is going to be very bright. In the year 2017, the introduction of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore software development kits (SDKs) fuelled the augmented reality development and further signaled confidence, innovation, and confidence in the technology industry. This development pushed the various other interested parties like developers, brands, startups, and various other agencies in the tech world to get involved in the development of the WebAR.

WebAR Augray

How the Advertising Industry Benefits from WebAR?

The already advertising world which is occupied currently with the social media ads, Google PPC and some other ways of advertising, with the advent of the WebAR, the advertising industry will gain another dimension to work on. The WebAR will offer another way to the promoters of the business to add a new and very innovative way of advertisement. 

Sony Pictures recently released an experience for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Called the Spider-Verse Web AR Experience, the application lets users interact with the titular wall-crawler, take pictures, and even share them to social media. Since it’s all web-based (no pun intended), users don’t need to download an app at all.

With the advent of the WebAR, the user conversion will become easy. As the WebAR will work on the browsers of Smartphones, the conversion can be easily done with the better call to action. All the brands will gain another hand to tell their part of the stories in a much better and innovative way and at the same time ensures the speedy customer grabbing and better leads. 

As WebAR will be more interactive and real as compared to the banners and images, the WebAR will surely offer an upper hand to the brands that will be incorporating this technique in their advertising campaigns converting those banners and images instantly into an AR experience. The specialty of the WebAR ‘better interaction’ can offer a new and innovative way to the audience target, who are already flooded with the same boring banners and images and more or similar advertising campaigns. 

Take for an example of an advertising campaign, with a big billboard showing the movie release in upcoming days. With the old advertising technique, you will only know about the date of the movie release, but what if the same advertisement offers you a chance to watch the trailer of the movie on your Smartphones, by just scanning the billboard advertisement using their regular mobile camera. This is where the augmented reality holds the advantage. 

Current Scenario of WebAR

Although it has evolved and matured over the past few years of R&D, it may not provide the rich media content that an app would provide with all XR features that of an app at least for now. IT may have some limitations on low-end android devices and some browsers may not support (other than Safari and Chrome). But it is not far off. We believe what is available now is good enough to make the marketing impact to provide an aha! moment instantly.

As it eliminates the biggest hurdle of app install and retention issues and will be quickly adopted by a business to convert their marketing avenues in the internet world of eCommerce or social media into an AR-enabled.

We believe the XR adoption will hit the mainstream very rapidly and AugRay has numerous options to choose from with a plug and play model of your existing 3D contents, or could create one for you in short time. AugRay’s WebAR gaming platform can instantly deploy mobile games to entertain consumers, can reward, deploy product experience and re-engage with AI-based analytics. Call us at buzz@augray.com for more information on how webAR can make an impact on your business. Be the first to adopt by taking advantage of this technology and adopt innovation in your marketing efforts. 

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.