extended reality in movies

‘Made in China’, an upcoming Bollywood movie produced by Jio Studios is creating a tremendous pre-release buzz nation-wide. The movie is extensively promoted through XR (eXtended Reality) campaigns developed by Augray, implementing the latest advancements in immersive technologies to offer unique experiences to dance with the stars to movie buffs.

The movie stars Rajkummar Rao, Mouni Roy, and Boman Irani as its lead characters and is to release on 25 October 2019 during the major Indian festival “Diwali” season. To catalyze Jio Studio’s promotion over social networking platforms, Augray with its highly experienced team has developed a Video XR platform to completely transform the way movie is promoted to audiences. AugRay has designed a Garbha (type of dance) Theme to promote the movie’s audio. The ‘Made in China’ campaign, built with AugRay’s Video XR component enables audiences to take part in dancing along with movie stars, invite their friends and family to participate in the video & share it on social media, bringing an interactive journey to the fans.

Video XR is a technology that takes a facial image and creates a video into an existing video.

The campaign has been rolled out with an objective to help Jio Studios achieve the desired engagement and interaction on the online medium. The innovative campaign is not just creating awareness and visibility but it is also going viral on social media with numerous engagements.

The XR campaign is trending in multiple platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and many other media apps is attracting a lot of traction from audiences across various segments, geography, and demographics. The enticing and extremely interactive feature of the XR campaign is thriving beyond the language and regional barriers. Recording the social media reach & interactions, it can be logged that, the XR-powered campaign is undoubtedly benefiting Jio Studios with their promotional activity and making the movie and its enchanting audio reach every individual.

Extended reality holds significant potential for the media and entertainment industry. It is becoming an important part of a Film Production House’s growth strategy enabling them to gain insights into their consumers’ minds. These insights can help media and production houses to optimize their marketing efforts and deliver a better entertainment product.

AugRay has previously done many successful XR and AR campaigns using its product for leading consumer brands to create awareness and enhance sales performance since 2014. Video XR is a proprietary unique solution that does not need any app download and within seconds consumers would start the engagement with simple effort in taking their facial image to see themselves in the video of celebrities creating a jaw-dropping experience instantly.

While this is the first video XR campaign performed in this technology revolution, we believe not only the movie industry but anyone who uses media (video) campaigns could explore the newly emerging medium of Video XR an eXtended Reality, a convergence of AR, VR and MR for its promotion, the time is not far when every movie will be powered by an interactive and more immersive experience for the box-office success. The ongoing Augray-powered XR campaign offers an exciting way for Jio Studios to engage desired audiences and create a fanbase even prior to its release. It has been the successfully captivating target audience, movie fans, and celebrity followers via a host of thrilling engagement. 

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