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One of the biggest challenges in the medical devices and equipment industry is lugging around large products across a country for product demos. Currently, technicians and sales representatives are using demo practices that are in-flexible, non-immersive and unmodified for decades, despite significant advancements in technology.

Here is an overview of the challenges in the industry:

Expensive – to transport the devices and manage fringe expenses like travel and accommodation for representatives.
Time consuming – since the demos have to be conducted in coordination with the availability of major stakeholders like other technicians, lab owners, higher officials and doctors.
Not scalable – since a device can be presented at one particular customer location at a time.
Unsafe – since long transportations can damage the device.
Currently risky – due to Covid-19 it can be risky to meet with physicians and other stakeholders at the hospital.

Now, with the advent of eXtended Reality or XR, the logistical challenges mentioned above can be removed and product demos can be scaled to several appointments in a day, with an up-front investment that is minimal compared to traditional methods of demonstrating a product.

How Augray can help with product demos

At Augray, we have created virtual demos of medical devices by deploying the capabilities of XR from Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Using advanced XR technologies, mapping a 3D model of a device is possible to encompass even the most minuscule detail. The interactive interface of the technology also enables individual components to be examined virtually, which is not possible in a traditional live demo. An overview of the device can be broken down to explain the functionality of individual parts that can either be overlaid in the real environment with AR or displayed in a virtual environment using VR and MR, in simulations lasting 8-12 minutes.

An Industry research says,
More than 50% of the physicians are willing to try and receptive of AR-detailing for products
These technologies can also help the viewers to understand the scale of the device and how it can be fitted into a facility alongside other devices. In addition to this, AR and VR can also help in training several technicians on how to use the product. Coupled with eye-gazing technology, training can be personalised to an interest-point to enable quick absorption of how the device works.

Using AR enabled virtual product demonstration medical devices companies can immediately prove their value

Benefits of using XR for medical device demos

With high-end features, eXtended Reality has made product demos cost-efficient and time-saving. It makes it easy to coordinate with major stakeholders and give them an opportunity to explore a device at their convenient time. In addition to this, the technology can also improve the retention of the viewers thanks to its visually rich, engaging and interactive format of content. With XR, the safety of the device is ensured and the representatives are protected from accidents and exposure to the unsafe outer environment during the pandemic.

If a demo video is created using Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality, you only need to send them an interfacing device like VR gears and a supporting device like a smartphone or iPad. If the demo is created using Augmented Reality, the process gets simpler still and the viewers can get maximum exposure to the product by just clicking on a link.

With the right technology partner, the full potential of XR can help a business scale its operations by simplifying demos to an immersive experience and making it portable and easy-to-present.


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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.