AR commerce

E-commerce companies are looking out for new ways to expand customer engagement and are under pressure to step-up their game. Many online retailers have already identified that Augmented Reality (AR) can reinvent online shopping for customers and drive sales.

Let’s see how….

Turbocharger for customer engagement

AR opens unique and new dimensions of customer engagement. Immersive and interactive product experience brings the creative digital adventure to the customers. Coupled with AI solutions, AR driven product exploration and virtual guidance can make the shopping journey a fun experience and feel-real.

Increase conversion rate

AR plays a critical role in shaping purchase decisions. Interactive 3D view of the product encourages shoppers to explore the product in great detail including fit, shape, and size. Shoppers can experience the product virtually in the real-world. Well informed and experience-driven decision making translates into increased conversions and lower rate of return.

New solution for New-Gen Customers:

Millennials and Gen Zers are digital shoppers who are the ideal customer profile for the e-commerce companies. Incorporating AR into marketing mix can help companies to position themselves as forward-thinkers and attract new age digital shoppers.

How can we make it possible?

Virtual fitting rooms: XR support shoppers to try-before-buy. From clothes, shoes to cosmetics AR/VR help shoppers experience the look and fit in a real-world environment. Virtual try-on of anything helps shoppers to make a better purchase decision and try different choices from an extensive product portfolio.
Virtual Stores: Want to walk around a mall and shop? AR/VR can bring home the same experience in the new normal world. Shoppers can take a virtual tour and explore every product in 3D alongside adding them to the shopping cart.

Virtual Products: Bring a 3D model of a product into your home, visualize the fit, and get-along before buying it. For instance, shoppers can experience how a sofa would fit in their space and get a better experience than visiting the physical store.

XR is the new disruption for shoppers to explore the products and get adapted.

eCommerce/ Retail specific survey revealed that an astonishing 66% of shoppers are interested in buying items using AR/VR”

Why companies should invest in AR Commerce ?

As new technologies rapidly evolve, e-commerce space is rapidly transforming. Content has moved from 2D to Mixed Reality.
Augray identifies businesses’ needs to adapt and adjust to new shopper requirements. Augray believes AR commerce effectively bridges the gap between in-store, physical product experience, and picture-based online shopping.

“The implementation of interactive content is a key strategy in transforming the digital journey of the customers”, says Sairam, Senior Director, Augray.

For companies, AR/VR offers an opportunity to build deeper connections with shoppers by offering valuable experience in tangible ways. XR experience with virtual assistance shortens the path to purchase alongside increasing customer confidence.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

Level up your Business with Augmented Reality

  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.