Mixed Reality Implementation

We are now living in the era of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, but there is something that exists between these two, and that is the mixed reality. With Microsoft HoloLens becoming common among the mass audience, the MR is no more an unknown term.

Mixed Reality, also referred to as Hybrid Reality is a combination or merging of real and virtual worlds, where both of them can co-exist and interact in real time. Usually, in the MR environment, users will be able to navigate through the real and virtual world at the same time. Instead of replacing the real world, mixed enhances it, offering access to digital information on top of the world in front of us.

Users’ Experience of Mixed Reality:

Users are already well accustomed with the term VR and have experienced the feel of technology through VR headsets or VR gears. But again only a small population owns VR headsets, but today almost everyone has a Smartphone, which is enough to experience the MR application features.

With Pokémon Go, the popular mr game, users have got the first-hand experience of the technology. This first mass player mobile-based game has arrived at a different era, where people have accepted the blend of physical and digital together.

Besides getting the presence in the gaming industries, mixed reality has also made a big leap in the realm of the retail sector, both brick-and-mortar and also online. Companies like Lowe provides mixed reality retail experiences such as holographic home remodeling that instantly demonstrates a variety of customizable design options that gets projected into the physical world.  Mixed reality promises to offer more and more personalized options to the customers than possible in static physical showrooms. Mixed reality is now present across all the industries starting from automotive to clothing.

what is mixed reality

MR in gaming:

A mixed reality game takes place in both virtual realities and augmented reality simultaneously. These games are generally played simultaneously in physical, digital or some represented places such as game boards.

Some of the successful examples of MR games on Android and iPhone till date are SpecTrek, Ingress, Gbanga, and Pokémon Go. Even companies like Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap have proved Mixed Reality to be the next great future for prospective businesses.

Very soon AugRay is going to launch its first Avatar-based AR game which also has features of MR game as well, and will definitely wow the gamers.

Devices for Mixed Reality:

Unlike VR which experienced by only wearing VR headsets, MR can be experienced through Smartphone. To provide a better experience of MR to its users, Asus ZenFone AR is coming on the market shortly. It has got all the possible features like depth sensor camera, more memory, cooling system and much more to support this era of MR and AR. The recent November 2016 release of Lenovo Phab 2 Pro also supports AR and MR technology.

Ending Note:

MR, when combined with AR and VR, creates a magical experience for the users, because they can interact with their concepts in virtual objects form as if they existed in front of them. Mixed reality if utilized in its best possible way can help businesses to reach the next level and revolutionize the customer experience.

AugRay enables brands to redefine the customer experience with informative, explorative and multi-sensory Extended Reality Solutions, which combine Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Technology.

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