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This festive season we all are sitting behind locked doors and watching images and videos from friends of their pookalam and sadhya. The corporate events, which used to be a traditional day for employees are not there. Also, retailers are solely dependent on the digital ad for marketing their new products. Just to keep your employees excited and carry out fun activities together, taking it beyond normal digital experience, we are here with few exciting possibilities.

Augmented Pookalam.

AR pookalam enables a group of users to design and create a pookalam with their choice of flowers (color). Using AR they can place it on a real-world surface and experience it in 3D. A short video or GIF of the same can be shared with corporate HR from all participants to predict the winner.

Augmented Sadhya.

Bring entire sadhya in the banana leaf on to your table using AR; share a snap in the social media and among friends groups. You can even send AR sadhya to your colleagues and friends who are asking for a treat, let it be a virtual treat this year.

Dress up Virtually.

We all miss that feeling of wearing a new Kerala Saree or Dhothi to the office. You can click a picture and share, how about doing it with your colleagues? We present you AR tech that can help you to virtually try-on a dhoti/saree of your color choice and share among the groups. Also, we help you create AR frames that have preloaded virtual characters wearing traditional dress, import faces from office using a smartphone camera, take a snap and share among colleagues.

Augmented Thiruvathira.

When it comes to Onam, the most important thing isthe Thiruvathira dance. to make you dance together, we present you AR dance stage. You can be the face of the augmented character dance along with your favorite stars or colleagues in the stage.

For Retailers, Augmented Digital Campaigns, Virtual Ads, 3D Avatars are a great way to engage with consumers this festive season. Connect with Augray to explore the possibilities.

Augmented booklet.

This festive season you can send a booklet to your customers in a weblink, which can be read virtually and products can be experienced in 3D. Also, an AR assistant can present the product features virtually, describing variants and comparison with existing models.

Virtual Try-on.

Shoppers can browse through the product catalog available on website or pamphlet, over a QR scan, or enabling AR mode, shoppers can virtually try-on the product in their environment. This way shoppers can continue shopping without stepping-put of their homes.

AR Ads.

Augmented programmatic banners and augmented product pages can be created using the AR app. Ads with 3D hologram can attract special attention from customers and drive them to experience the product try-on in their environment, increasing conversion rates.

For people in India festive season brings an equal amount of anxiety and excitement, as it brings for shopping. Augray believes, AR is the new normal for healthy, engaged, consumer-retail, and employee-employer relationships. Augray is committed to developing AR/VR solutions to build such deeper connections and relationships, by offering valuable experience in tangible ways.

How about an augmented Maveli, who visit you virtually? Get connected with us, take your virtual Maveli home.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.