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Absolute convenience! Relief yourselves from the in-store try-on experience and reviewing multiple pictures from the online websites. Virtual try-on is not a new concept, many of us might have used Lenskart or Rayban web app to try their cool shades and frames. How about a 3D try-on for the next shoe purchase? Fitting room for your legs is here with Augmented Reality (AR). 

Stay at home, try the new arrivals using AR, and stay stylish.

AR has already made in-roads to retail, from furniture, optical to cosmetics. Times, where online shoppers used to read reviews and purchase are almost dated, now customers want to know how precisely the item will fit their needs and how it will look. AR has turned into a channel for not only permitting individuals to visualize what an item appears like but also to confirm size, fit, and make a purchase decision. Not just this, personalization is taking the virtual try-on to a whole new level.

An industry research on Virtual
try-on for footwear says:
More than 70% increase in
customer engagement using Virtual

Virtually try before you buy

Within the application, shoppers can pick the footwear of their choice and point their smartphone camera on to their feet, to try the shoes virtually. The experience can give a 360 view of the footwear allowing them to visualize the look real-time. The snap of the 3D model can also be taken using this AR app that can be shared in WhatsApp, social media or digital platforms to get feedback from friends. Shoppers can visualize the style, fit, and size of the shoes with different filters within the application. Customers can choose and try-on shoe SKUs from an extensive selection of footwear. AR allows customers to switch between the available colors, texture, and experience the visualization in different lighting variations.

Using AR,shoppers can change the background of the try-on screen, thus they can check compatibility of the  footwear with different environments including designed carpets or plain grounds.This way shopper can visualize and choose footwear with not just their preferred color, but also their get along with various backgrounds.

An industry research says:
More than 50% surge in ROI using
Virtual Try-on

The result being enhanced personalized shopping experience with a mix of smart vision, AI algorithms and machine learning can help users to scan the full shape of their feet and know the perfect fit for a different style of footwear. The scanned data points can be stored in the users’ profile enabling the algorithms to recommend suitable product styles and options. 

AR Studio with Virtual Assistant

How about editing and designing footwear for your customers’ imagination? An AR studio for footwear can help shoppers to design their products and have virtual try-on.The applications helps shoppers import pictures of their preferred style footwear and create a 3D product with 360 views. Further shoppers can design a product with preferred graphics, color, and animated images. The shoppers can export the 3D try-on image of a designed product in social media. 

Virtual Assistant, in form of an AR Avatar can offer expert guidance to the online shoppers while doing virtual try-on. AR assistant asks few basic questions to understand the size, choice, and preference of shoppers for recommending the right products. The assistant can also guide shoppers to choose specific sole, sock styles along with material instruction. This way brands can up their game in offering enhanced customer experience and personalization.

Transformative Solution for Brands

Virtual try-on reduces customer friction enhancing customer engagement. It supplies brands with essential data that is important for offering tailored footwear that would match customer needs. Brands have also identified that perfect fit using AR try-on can accord everything from less shipping and lesser returns to improved performance. With many footwear brands launching their new styles online, AR is a great way for shoppers to experience products that are new to market or about to enter the market.  

AR can potentially breaks all the online and in-store shopping barriers, especially during this COVID-19 and lockdown crisis, and bridging the gap between online and offline footwear shopping experience. While in the footwear market online conversions are pretty low, and returns are fairly high, the ability to try-on before buying online will leverage engagement for higher conversions,and lower returns.

Among the AI-driven decision making digital shoppers who are mostly millennials and Gen-Z, virtual try-on can help bring much brand attention, affinity, and loyalty. Also, most brands around the world are developing virtual try-on for same Gen-Z and millennial shoppers who are eager to know whether particular footwear will fit their style before buying them. 

Augray’s AR Solution

Augray believes AR is a powerful marketing tool with immense capability. AR try-on is a key part of a major brand’s marketing efforts to reach digital shoppers, especially younger audiences who are tech savvy and keen on technology adoption. Brands can now allow shoppers to try limited-edition footwear virtually, save photo/video new footwear, and let them share on social media, enabling brands to gain market attention and promote digitally. 

AR is transforming the level of shopper engagement in the footwear industry. AR not only brings brand attention but smoothens the shopping journey. In AR Commerce, more and more retailers will challenge the real-world experiences by creating virtual product groups. 

Suresh Thankavel, CEO of Augray, says “AR Commerce is a product solution offering of AugRay for eCommerce players. It combines AR product Experience, A virtual Try on, Lead Generation & Nurturing using AR to amplify digital investments are some of the key components.

While the mass consumer behaviour has changed to virtual within few months, it’s important for the business to adopt the change to survive and thrive”

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