Augmented Reality in Advertising

This IPL season is entirely in the digital arena. We are expecting a more than 50% increase in digital viewership with at least 650 million viewers watching match digitally. As there awaits a huge digital viewership, it’s an ideal time for brands to get associated with the event and give exclusive experience to customers. Not just the Indian market, it’s a global stage opportunity to showcase your brand. How are you planning it to make exclusive? 

AR is an ideal choice for you to create advertisements and campaigns that would allow brands to directly interact with consumers building strong relationships and higher engagement times. AR to power virtual audience engagement, gamified brand/product promotion, and unique social media ads would make brands stand out from the media clutter during IPL.

Despite the limiting factors put by the pandemic in 2020 brands have shown similar enthusiasm and are not shying away from digital investments. Given the limited activation possibilities, brands are bidding to curate digital experiences. Brands are looking at more than 30% of advertisement budgets to go into digital. 

AR integration is necessary into your ad spend is necessary as

  • During strategic breaks, digital viewers between 16 and 35 grab their smartphone to put a comment or order food or search for products or even play predictive games.  
  • 77% of the viewers watch television with a tablet or smartphone near-by 

Brands should not miss out on this opportunity, AR has plenty to offer in this gap. They need to invest in immersive experiences that users can explore while watching a game or during breaks in their secondary device. Brands should understand videos or TV ads no more entertain customers and are looking out for new experiences in trying out a product. Also, passion is one sentiment in which brands should consider investing in using AR. AR can enhance the viewer involvement driving engagement rate to leverage brand promotion.

Brands are looking out ways to grab attention from customers and want to make the same enthusiasm and visibility in the lead up to the festive season.  The key to thriving and successful brand promotion lies in relevant and relatable content creation. Thus brands are burdened to think creatively, develop contents that stand out, and attract the mass virtual audience base. AR in advertisement strategy is a great idea for brands to form a great brand value among customers creating interactive and immersive content, attracting viewers from boomers till Gen-Zers.

Immersive ads can help brands create an emotional connection with customers. A typical AR avatar relating to the brand helps customers connect with the brand easily, encouraging them to interact with the character. An emotional connection is a great way to increase brand awareness. Customers recall brands they have positive and memorable associations, so AR ads are a perfect fit here. 

AR ads not only help you in promoting the products, but it also helps you to measure the interactions. By analyzing data generated from the AR interactions, brands can understand how consumers are reacting towards their products. Also using AR brands can offer personalized and customized brand engagement opportunities, which can grow consumer connection towards the brand. 

The role of AR in advertising is propelled by brand affinity and recognition of AR’s potential in digital ad spends. Surpassing the limitations of 2D formats, product demonstrations, and interactions in a real-world environment in immersive ways remains a key attraction for AR in ads. Communication noise will be at its peak during IPL going till the festive season. Innovative ideas for use of digital media will cut through the clutter and will be much attention gaining. 

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