Augmented Reality in Food and beverage industries

Augmented Reality is the new emerging technology in the market, and most of the industries are using it as a tool for their marketing need. From Wine bottles to retailers like IKEA have recognized its importance and have adapted it.

According to Mashable, “Augmented Reality is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”
The three critical divisions of Food and Beverages business, who have witnessed the most focus on Augmented Reality Technology development include food product, customer experiences, and HR.

See, how AR is used in these sectors:

It helps to streamline Training of the Staff

According to a report, Augmented Reality helped the people to visually estimate the accurate size of the food portion, thus enabling them to serve better. Another necessity of Food and Beverage Business is Maintenance and AR headsets suitable for the technicians are available.

Augmented Reality in Food

Create a wonderful customer experience

The idea to incorporate Augmented Reality in their Marketing Campaigns by Food and Beverages business was so that they can augment the real world with more innovative, engaging and shareable content, thus sparking more interactions with their target group.

Some of the significant examples of brands using AR in their marketing strategies include the Christmas magic campaign by Coca-Cola, which enabled the consumers to view the virtual Santa and hidden scenes across branded bus stops in NYC or the AR incorporated Patron campaign that allowed the users of iPhone or iPad access to the Augmented Reality experience of drinking tequila with a mini-bartender guiding you on the tastes of the various kind of tequila. At the same time, brick and mortar places such as City Social of London, came out with cocktail coasters that are equipped with augmented visuals or even the Chain-Beer Café, which is India based used AR to keep the customers informed about the origin, the ABV category as well as the taste of the various types of beer.

Some brands incorporated AR in their products

Belief is the AR is the possible bridge between the consumer, the product and the product content. Some of the practical uses of AR by food products are seen here.

Nestle introduced an Augmented Reality game, printed across its 26 million cereal boxes, as promotions for the film RIO. Then there was the Augmented Reality Summer Sweepstakes organized by Kraft, the Consumer-packaged goods giant and Walmart.

Augmented Reality in Food Sector

Various uses of AR in Food and Beverages Industry

  • Can be used to divulge relevant information about the product
  • AR-based campaigns and promo games can be used as a promotion for a new launch
  • Can leverage the use of 3D animations or Avatars created
  • Can be used to educate consumers about the nutritional value of a food product
  • Can be used to give out the recipe for the dish in innovative and engaging ways

Wrap-Up: With all this one cannot disregard the fact that AR is making changes to the traditional processes of the food and beverages market. Brands have realized that if they wish to increase engagements and interactions with the customers, with intent to boost customer loyalty, the Augmented Reality is the way to go.

Augray can help Food and Beverages businesses to revolutionize their traditional marketing strategies using Augmented Reality campaigns, so that it would spark increased interaction and engagement with the customers, driving more brand loyalty and awareness.

If your company is planning to incorporate Augmented Reality into their day to day or promotional and marketing activities to enhance customer experience, then contact AugRay today to get the most suitable AR solution for your brand.

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