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Immersive shopping experiences are breathing fresh air into the fashion industry. Brands are rolling out 3D, AR assisted online shopping solutions to increase consumer confidence throughout the purchase journey

 The pandemic has transformed the retail world in 2020. With brick and mortar retail stores temporarily closed, consumer shopping habits changed overnight. Online purchases of apparels went up by 76.7% so far in 2020. COVID-19 has supercharged the shift to digital shopping by roughly five years, propelling fashion retail into the future. This is the best time for apparel brands to evolve digitally and offer innovative shopping solutions. 

In e-commerce, delivering a higher level of visualization and buying confidence has just not been possible up until now. Advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) are here to make it possible in online shopping. AR enables shoppers to view products in a real-world environment and virtually try them on, deliver interactive experiences and drive online sales. AR simplifies product search, establishing a higher level of consumer confidence and engagement. Consumer confidence at the product level translates into an increased conversion rate.

71% of consumers prefer shopping from brands that offer an AR experience

47% of consumers are more likely to purchase after interacting with AR experiences

52% of consumers like to be associated with any brand that uses AR

49% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product experienced in AR

Let’s look at three ways how businesses can boost sales by leveraging AR 

Add value to the Shopping Experience

AR can help brands provide their customers with a more interactive and realistic shopping experience. It allows brands to offer memorable, exciting, and fun experiences that can keep them entertained and engaged. AR can provide brand and product information through appealing visualizations that improve consumer sentiments and purchase intentions, thus massively driving sales.

Facilitate Virtual try-on

AR can transform consumer mobile devices into a virtual fitting room and eliminates the inability of not being able to try-on clothes in online shopping. Virtual try-on enables customers to try products, before purchasing. Using AR, customers can accurately measure the size and fit, then select styling’s based on appropriate measurements. A seamless experience of try-on and visualizing products in 360⁰ drives conversion rates and reduces returns. Virtual try-on would be a transformative solution in the apparel industry and has the potential to convert online stores into an interactive environment.    

Entertain & Empower Shoppers

 AR experience can now be made available without apps and can be easily integrated into any e-commerce sites and websites. Brands can add 3D models to product pages and offer virtual try-on. Consumers can explore the 3D models to view the product information with greater detail. Consumers interacting with a 3D product model are more likely to add them into their shopping cart and most of them are more likely to place an order, thus increasing conversion rates.

With the ability to replicate in-store shopping experiences in consumer mobile devices, AR is proving to be a great asset for brands to innovate in e-commerce. AR Commerce in your online fashion and apparel store can 

  • Reduce return rate up to 20%
  • Increase consumer engagement by 10x
  • Increase conversions by 3x 

AR can help brands significantly improve their marketing and sales strategy and ensure higher ROI. By integrating AR into the customer’s shopping experience, brands can succeed in moving consumers further down the sales funnel. In online shopping, AR can help improve the shopping experience of customers and value for the brand. AR can help brands to deliver interactive and immersive shopping experiences that give online fashion shoppers the confidence to buy products.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.