Augmented Reality Game

n          It is correctly said “People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out (experience) for themselves.” ― Paulo Coelho.

Indeed the exact quotation stands for the AR games, as well. Recent developments in mobile augmented reality (AR) games have been remarkable with prospecting countless users/Gamers in the future. So, I am certain that if you’ve paid a little attention to the Gaming Industry in recent years you must be knowing about augmented reality games. The roaring success of augmented-reality games demonstrates the nature of the business is rapidly transforming to include players’ real world.

Augmented Reality Game

Augmented reality (AR) technology has been used in a few online video games, most of which provide exciting and Immersive Experience. AR games have the capability to conquer as well as exceed the people’ expectations.

Immersion is the only way for people to enjoy games. For the purpose of explaining the experience of AR in gaming, we can categorize it into 4 aspects: physical, emotional, social, and mental. AR games are a complete immersive and more lively video game experience we have been waiting for.

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Following points explain the experience of playing AR games:

Realistic & immersive experience: The Augmented Reality (AR) games appear splendid and feel realistic due to the augmented reality technologies. The success of augmented-reality video games demonstrates that the AR gaming industry is quickly changing to incorporate people’ actual environments. With the beginning of the augmented-reality video game revolution, the imagery pops up on the screen and right into your room.

Augmented Reality Games

Spatial presence is understood to be existing when “media contents are considered ‘actual’ and media users experience an awareness to be spatially situated in the conducive environment. The notion is merely that the game creates a spatial presence when the user starts to really feel as if they are “there” in the world that the game has created. Gamers who undergo immersion have a tendency to only consider choices which sound right in the circumstance of the imaginary world. People immersed in media also have a tendency to love it more thus giving them a realistic feel.

3D Effect: This technology makes it possible for video games to be shown in stereoscopic 3-Dimension. It creates the illusion of three dimensional depth from given 2-Dimensional contents/images. Together with 3D effects, games gained fidelity, also additional characteristics were added with the addition of Graphics processing units (GPUs). Players form a portrayal in their minds of the 3D space or the world that the game poses them in. So, the process commences off with gamers forming a psychological version of the game’s make believe space by looking at various cues (images, movement, sounds etc) in addition to assumptions about the world brought forth. Since the mental model of the gaming environment is created, the player experiences 3-Dimensional view, consciously or unconsciously, of the imaginary world. Therefore, it’s time people believe games as experience, but only products.

Live Augmented Reality Games

Avatar Impact: Avatar can be an icon or figure representing a certain person in a game, internet forum, etc.. Avatars used in AR games can have an impact on the physiological action of the gamer, suggests a new study carried out by researchers.


The player’s persona in an AR match can be an avatar, usually portrayed as a tiny human being or creature. The player directs his/her avatar in the game, somewhat as manipulating the strings of a puppet. The player is encouraged to endeavor him/herself into the persona of this avatar, leading to an immediate connection to individuality.

Live Augmented Reality

Thus the capacity to produce idealized versions of ourselves will be directly proportional to how much we enjoy the game, how much we indulge in the game, and how much we identify the avatar.

The player participates deeply and effectively with the game environment, including the social interaction of the experience. I believe that this really is because the player experience is closely tied to the activity in the game and whatever happens to their avatar ardently influences their own feelings and emotions. The connection with the Avatar extends even after we have stopped playing the game.

Challenging & Motivating: The match developers often provide very little instruction about how to address in-game problems, delivering players a neutral palette to explore a huge range of potential solutions centered on past knowledge and intuitions.

Game-designers are wizards of engagement. They understand the craft of attracting individuals of different ages into virtual surroundings, and motivating them to focus on meaningful targets, persevere quite a few failures, and celebrate the moment of success after successfully completing tasks that are tough. This motivates players to carry the challenge again and again in order to triumph or to learn from the mistakes done and try a different approach.

Stress Buster: Playing augmented-reality games boosts a wide range of cognitive skills. This is particularly accurate for shooter AR games (commonly referred to as “action” games), most of them are violent in nature. It serves as a stress-buster – relieving the player of negativity & stress. AR game condition shows more rapidly and much more accurate attention allocation, higher spatial and enhanced mental rotation abilities.

Gaming may be among the most efficient and effective means for youth and children to enhance positive feelings. Several scientific studies have proven that taking part in favorite video-games can improve mood or increases in positive emotions.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

Recently, a study performed by Australian researchers analyzed the usage of video games as a treatment solution for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. The team found that playing video games enhances problem-solving and attention span of such patients, reports medical Daily.

Augmented Reality games are currently gaining more users and momentum. It has its place already in many industries and really soon it will undoubtedly be in use in day-to-day actions, as well. Anticipating such a future, AugRay gives cutting edge and personalised AR/VR solutions to any or all kinds of companies and assisting them attain better brand awareness, customer engagement and better sales.



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