Augmented Reality in retails

“To get customers you need to go from the heart to the brain to the wallet” – Gary Vaynerchuk

And what better to way to reach out to your customers other than via augmented reality marketing or campaign? The aim should be to provide value up front and go straight from the heart if the objective is to connect with your customer emotionally.

According to the Total Retail Survey 2017 by PWC:

  • 37% of retailers are involved in expanding or providing new in-store experiences
  • 31% said they were investing in social media networks to drive brand awareness
  • 31% said they were boosting the customer system to enhance our single view of the customer

Meanwhile, According to Statista, e-retail sales are expected to account for 15.5% of total retail sales worldwide by 2021.

How AR can help with customer engagement?

  • People go to offline stores more, because products are more tangible there, but even online stores now bring Augmented Reality experience, where they can try a product before they buy it
  • If there is any query salesperson at the physical store can answer promptly but with AR customers only need to scan a product or product image if online and get all the info they need in one place as if having a real-time experience
  • Well getting hold of customer care if doing the shopping online can be a hassle, but with AR it’s all resolved. You can have AR/VR experience for product demos or “how to instructional videos.”
  • Customer experience for offline stores can be the store layout or design while for the offline its site layout and design. However, AR/VR is working to create an immersive and more interactive customer experience thus engaging them better, at both physical stores and e-retailers
  • See how Bernadette’s Lettuce Bistro came out with AR display board that makes a note of the customer table to see, how they are faring, so that the server can respond accordingly, without even the customer having to utter a word on their requirement
  • The menu can come to life, providing AR experience informing the source of ingredients, the recipe etc.

You have to work to create a unique value or experience for the customer by boosting the customer outcomes.

Is AR/VR reinventing customer journey for retailers?

  • Send out a location-based offer to a customer, as they pass by your store
  • You could also have interactive window displays or mannequins
  • The customer comes in and can scan the products to get information such as price, material, dimensions or size, etc
  • Have to try on before purchase offer, like how Zara provided AR experience in-store
  • Imagine if your store could provide the customer with immersive in-store AR experience as soon as they take out a product. Maybe give suggestions about accessories to match?
  • A virtual dressing room is set up
  • Finally, it is also possible to connect AR experience with contact centers to deliver impressive customer support

Augmented Reality Engagement

How is AR transforming customer outcome?

They work to deliver the power of suggestion at a whole new level by using Interactive and Immersive AR advertising

Imagine the IKEA app that lets you see how furniture would look at a particular place in your house. Here the customer can visualize the product, so they are happy.

The idea is to enhance the buying experience for customers

What if by just scanning the product or image the user can glean complete information, like the price, the nutritional value, its origin, etc.?

Finally, work to optimize the customer experience

Getting hold of customer care is difficult? This is where 360-degree instructional videos or AR demos can help.

While hiring contractor for renovating your kitchen

If your customer is unable to envision how it will look after the renovation? AR comes in handy here to give a clear picture of what it entails.

Looking to purchase a new car?

Provide a virtual test drive for the customer so that he can come to a quick decision and will shorten the decision-making process.

Wrap- Up: AR works to make the customer experience more interactive, rich and engaging so that it can add value to the service, creating brand awareness and customer loyalty. If your company is planning to incorporate Augmented Reality into their day to day or promotional and marketing activities to enhance customer experience, then contact AugRay today to get the most suitable AR solution for your brand.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.