Dussehra and Diwali

The great Indian festive season has begun amid pandemic, let’s celebrate digitally. Stay in-doors, explore, and engage virtually through augmented reality (AR). On usual circumstances, brands used to look at the festive season as an opportunity to gain significant ROI, leveraging festive sentiments. It is an exciting time for shoppers as well as for brands. However unprecedented conditions have brought new challenges for enterprises.  

The new normal completely altered the way people interact, engage, and behave. People demand solutions that are immersive, interactive, and easy-to-use. This season enterprises like yours should consider alternate and effective ways to engage with employees and customers. 

To keep your customers and employees engaged, carry out celebration together, and offer the exclusive experience we are here with few exciting possibilities.


Selfie at Ayodhya

Interested in visiting the upcoming Ram temple at Ayodhya? AR can take you virtually there, click a snap of your visit and share it in social media. To boost engagement with team and employee collaboration, we present a group selfie solution. Be Ram, Lakshman, or Hanuman of your team. Keep this as a team logo and share it in your corporate pages. Retailers can offer such experiences to customers to organize hashtag promotion in social media. 

The bow and arrow game

AR offers game-based engagement to your employees and customers. A simple bow and arrow game to kill Raavan, Kumbhkaran, or Indrajeet and win the game. Enterprises and retailers can offer a virtual crate to winners to unlock exciting gift hampers and shopping coupons.    

Virtual cards and sweet boxes

Send augmented, personalized cards to your employees and customers. Let the manager or a celebrity pop out of your AR card and wish them for the festive. Also, enterprises and retailers can send out augmented sweet boxes/candy boxes, on opening which gift cards, scratch coupons, or gifts can be unlocked. Retailers can also share augmented pamphlets or brochures of their products to customers using which customers can experience products in 3D. 

This Diwali let it be digital diyas and crackers

Digital fireworks

We all like fireworks. AR can bring firework at your fingertips. Experience fireworks virtually through your phone; just point your smartphone at the sky and visualize. AR can enable brand marketing through fireworks. Let customers play the cracker or tap on it, the crackers burst out to brand logo along with a message during the festive.

Dress up Virtually

We all miss that feeling of wearing a traditional outfit to the office. You can click a picture and share, how about doing it with your colleagues? We present AR tech that can help you to virtually try-on a traditional attire of your color choice and share among the groups. Also, we help you create AR frames that have preloaded virtual characters wearing traditional dress, import faces from the office using a smartphone camera, take a snap and share among colleagues.

Augmented Rangoli

 AR rangoli enables a group of users to design and create a rangoli with their choice of color. Using AR they can place it on a real-world surface and experience it in 3D. A short video or GIF of the same can be shared with corporate HR from all participants to predict the winner. Retailers can send out gift cards with rangoli as their brand logo, with an AR avatar appearing and wishing shoppers for the festive.

Augmented Dance

To make you dance together, we present you AR dance stage. You can be the face of the augmented character and dance along with your favorite stars or colleagues in the stage.

Virtual Try-on 

Retailers are looking out ways to connect with shoppers. Incorporating virtual try-on into the commerce platform, shoppers can browse through the product catalog available on the website or pamphlet, over a QR scan, or enabling AR mode, shoppers can virtually try-on the product in their environment. This way shoppers can continue shopping without stepping-put of their homes.

For enterprises, AR offers the opportunity to build deeper connections with employees and customers. Augray believes AR incorporated brand marketing and activities with the essence of festive in the creative can enhance the relevance of the brand among customers and employees. AR is the new normal for healthy, engaged, consumer-retail, and employee-employer relationships. We are committed to developing AR/VR solutions to build such deeper connections and relationships, by offering valuable experience in tangible ways.

Get connected with us and learn how virtual experience can influence your customers.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.