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In our first edition virtual footwear try-on article we discussed how AR is making inroads into the footwear industry and the experiences it offers. Virtual try-on allows shoppers to have a 360 view of the footwear by just pointing their smartphone cameras onto their feet. AR try-on enhances personalized shopping experience along with a surge in customer engagement. AR not only brings brand attention but smoothens the shopping journey. Here we say why brands should consider AR and how it could bring value to them.

Bring physical elements of in-store experience virtually. Realization comes-in that virtual-try on is a kick-start for any mode of purchase whether online or in-store. The pre-sales stage is highly important as customers can search on the internet to find product alternatives and compare it with others.AR can be an efficient tool to engage and interact with the shoppers’ world. 

Cut back on the returns.  On average 1 out of 4 shoes sold online are returned.  In a thin margin business, retailers want to cut down the cost of logistics and packaging, which can be attained through improved decision making from customers. 

Efficient delivery platform in the new normal world. Web AR applications can effectively make users try new products sitting at home, as any web browser in the smartphone can support that. A 3D virtual try-on feature easily integrated with shoppers’ website/app can inspire purchases and increase conversions.  

Speed-to-market. Instead of brochure-ing the new product, get the 3D image with a try-on offer in the customer table. This way brands can keep the customer engaged and informed.

AR drives impulse shopping. Industry researches suggest 20% of the shoppers are spontaneous buyers. They try something, they buy if it appeals. More than 70% of the AR shoppers purchased stuff they tried as AR was highly engaging and empowers shoppers in faster decision-making.

Zero-touch, hygienic retail. Consumers are demanding contactless shopping experiences that are safer and more hygienic. AR accelerates changes in immersive retail, contactless pick-ups, and mobile-enabled virtual sizing solutions.

Customer retention through changing behavior. Customer retention is key to repeat orders. Brands can keep the customers engaged with all new launches and virtual try-on of limited editions. AR experience can elevate the experience of discovery among customers.  

Innovative prospects for changing customer profiles. Not just digital channels will help brands to attract Gen-Zers and millennials, digital shopping experience plays a major role too. AR offering from brands should be easily tangible, adaptable for Gen-Zers, millennials, and compatible with any device. Easy-to-use and hassle-free shopping can attract new customers and increase conversion rates.    

Augray ROI Intelligence dashboard suggests “With AR try-on, 5% and 10% growth in sale translates into 417% and 830% on surge in ROI”    

Statista estimates by 2020 more than 50% of the total revenue in the footwear market will be generated through online sales, hence both global and domestic brands need to offer a specialized experience for smartphone users.

Augray believes using AR, brands can effectively cater to growing customer demands while creating cost-effective solutions. Virtual try-on experience can increase demand for products and positively impact brand equity. Virtual try-on supply brands with BI and reporting information that can help them to focus on product/process improvements with real-time insights from customer shopping behavior. With more than 90% interactions being remote and digital, AR/XR enablement can generate a greater engaging experience with the shopper.

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