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Presently it’s hard to imagine something that isn’t possible with the rapidly expanding tech industry. It’s been more like if you can imagine it, you can do it. All this possibility is massively funnelled with the development of two major technology –  Virtual and Augmented Reality.

It is estimated AR in tech would, by 2020, surge to up to a whopping $100 billion dollar industry. AR products including apps and headset are adding to the value to practically every possible industry. Some experts even call shots that it may eventually lead the consumer industry.

Top 10 Fascinating use cases for Augmented Reality

From education to retail, it’s no secret AR is killing it in every industry imaginable. With every company like Facebook and Microsoft working on AR-glasses, let’s take a look at some of the more reachable Augmented Reality experiences. 

Medical Sciences

Augmented Reality Solutions offers room for a massive improvement in present-day medical science. AR experiences provide space for improvements in existing medical technology and making work easier for doctors.

Physicians generally argue CT scans and X-Rays are sometimes hard to analyze. Now what if CT scans had a “real-world view” and doctors could actually see under the skin. This is will enable doctors to know exactly where to inject and make proper incisions.

Another vital thing that could be real today is to show the first responders to a scene, during an emergency, what to do. First aid information may be displayed and with AR pointing out things they would need to do –  like may press the chest over here and AR will help point at the direction.

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Nothing is far-fetched. Doctors at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston have been using Google Glass since 2013 to immediately view patient information arriving through emergencies, to act upon the situation a litter quicker and easier.

Experts argue that with input from AR in medical science doctors will be able to better understand the patient problems. Understanding better will lead to solving the problem better and provide with required care at a much agile pace. So, overall AR can improve medical precision and also reduce prospects for mishaps.

Remote Connection

The implications of putting AR into work is endless. One of the major possible AR experience is already possible – connecting workers effortlessly. Communication between colleagues working in the same team but different workplaces can be troublesome. It’s tricky to convey what you are implying or suggesting and similarly, is hard for the other person to add to the efforts.

AR can allow connecting workers regardless of where they are present. A colleague can be virtually present with the other ignoring the need for being actually present there. Classic Star Trek, eh?

Tourism, Art, and Culture

Tourism industry recently started seeing an extensive influx from AR but the results are already staggering. Walking in a museum and confused what is this painting called? AR comes to the rescue. AR apps like Google Culture shows you relevant information when you walk past a historical landmark or a portrait.

AR can also allow for guided tours without the need for an actual expensive guide. Mixing traditional guiding sites like Trip Advisor and Google Trips, and mixing their suggested itinerary to provide actual guides will dramatically lead to a more immersive Augmented Reality experience.

Art can also be evolved. Anyone can be an artist. Imagine having dotted lines indicating what to draw and you just have to follow the lines. Seems nifty, right?  Yeah, it’s possible and can be done with present day technologies.

The unknown song playing in the background? See the song’s name. Unknown movie playing during the commute? See the movie’s name! These might not seem like much but these are the kind of features if implemented well can improve the everyday experience.  The possibilities are limitless and mostly currently possible.

Augmented Reality solution company IndiaEducation

Now, AR solutions can revolutionize education and bring in the spark that has been needed for a long time now. AR can enable people to dive deeper into the topic they are studying. Giving tests and eventual correction would be easy and maintain an opportunity for transparency.

Students can see things like a chemical reaction without having to deal with concentrated acids at a much younger age. Students can view topics like the solar system and actually play with them for a better understanding of the planetary arrangement. Anything that requires extensive reading down like musical notes can be simplified with AR.

Physical books can be further enhanced. Supposedly, if you interact with a difficult word while reading a book, meaning or external reading topics can pop out when needed, reducing efforts which typically involved googling or dictionary hunting.

Skilled education will also be easy primarily in the field of mechanical engineering. You can easily educate students on what they have to do next. Not only students but AR can also help the skilled professional in doing their job with extreme precision that traditionally would have required a lot of effort.

Field service and Law enforcement

Law enforcement officers can have an easier time doing their job. Detecting if someone’s lying is hard and can tip off the person into falsifying the test. But with AR analyzing expressions and seeing how they react to questions – speech and bodily movements can give up their innocence.

Sobriety testing will also be easier. Although not accurate pupil dilation and uncontrolled bodily movements can indicate their sobriety condition.

There often are cases when law enforcement officers fail to notice important clues in a crime scene and thus lead to unsolvable cases. This can be fixed with the help of the introduction of AR, which can self-examine the scene and then tell what might be the clue that officers might be missing.

The military can also gain efficiency with AR. AR can crowd source data and easily tell which locations are hostile targets and what are civilian locations. Piloting planes will also be easier if targets, obstacles and aiming assistance are present.

Imagine having gaming like controls in real-life. Your targets are marked red, essential details like ammunition and food are displayed on the screen and you can quickly take actions when needed. Like if the water is depleting, make arrangements before it’s gone.

Augmented Reality Solutions can help these bodies work adequately and make way for a better world.


Infrastructure is one of the key areas where Augmented Reality can bring a revolution. Building or repairing public places require a huge amount of work and AR can help simplify them.

With more and more AR solutions coming up, blueprints can be envisioned before they are made. This way, if there to be some changes because the blueprint missed on something can easily be seen beforehand. Repairing buildings and other amenities can also be made easier. Builders can easily visualize the damaged part and act upon it at a much-increased velocity.


Shopping for clothes online sucks! Frequently often there are size mismatches and chances that color will not suit you. AR can manage the guesswork for you. You can view how clothes will look on you before purchasing them.

With advanced measuring technologies, the size of your shoes, shirts, and jeans could be accurately measured. This will enable you to buy fitted clothes online without the nuisance of trying and returning items.

Furniture shopping is already seeing a  change. Stores like IKEA shows how furniture will look in real life before you purchase them. You can even place the furniture in a particular location to see how would it look when you purchase them.

Augmented reality solutions

Grocery shopping can also be healthified. The items you are about to buy can have their nutritional value shown alongside the food item. No more second-guessing whatever item you need to buy.

AR solutions also make room for personal makeup and shopping.  Health club can show you how would you look if you follow their specific routine. They can show you what food items to buy and what specific workout to follow. Makeup companies can show you how makeup needs to be applied and what the end result will look like. Tattoos and hair transplantation can also be visualized beforehand.

Social and Gaming

Revolutionize how you organize meetups. The way you make time to reach a location. Meeting old friends if they aren’t in the same city or country is another troublesome task. It’s hard to find a time and place when you all can meet. There is always a possibility you will miss out on a few people. AR solutions can fix this problem. You can meet people without actually meeting them or leaving your comfort zone.

Dating would be much simpler. Most of the times dating are complicated. You don’t know what the other person is thinking about you and what should you do next. Although this would be unfair, AR can help analyze the situation and suggest you do things – like order wine or tell you that if the other person isn’t interested.

For someone who’s terrible at remembering names AR will aid in remembering the names of people. No more awkward situation where you forget the other person’s name.

Gaming in AR is also on the rise. Ever since Pokemon Go made a head-bang, AR gaming is trending. More and more games are coming to that use gyroscope and camera to use AR capabilities making way for immersive gaming.

Personal Use

Most of the personal use that we imagined for AR is now possible with technologies like Microsoft Hololens gaining unprecedented popularity.

One of the hardest challenges while designing a home is interior designing. Interior Designer companies can’t exactly tell the client what to expect before designing it. With AR, the companies can make the client better understand what they are trying to build. The clients can also suggest something or request a change before they are to be made. It will be much easier to choose paint colors and apt furniture with its location of placement.

Cooking will also be much easier. You won’t need to open your laptop next to you looking at a recipe video and then working through things. A video can be played in real life with smart objects like oven reacting to their states in real-time. You could get personalized help on how much salt to put and if this much onion is too much. In conclusion, everyone will be a cook.

Hololens ad clearly shows what Augmented Reality experience will bring to the table. Imagine seeing the weather and traffic before you leave for work. Or, see what are the things you need to do today, or might be searching for – like a missing sock or the TV’s remote.

Commercial productivity and work

Augmented Reality will change the traditional opinion of workplaces. Augmented Reality can relocate offices from a cubicle to a beach or a mountain resort without missing on productivity. As Bloomberg pointed out last year, AR can and will transform our notion of workplaces.

Organizing things will be much simpler. No need to use sticky notes behind monitors. AR glasses can pin reminders into real objects and boost visualization.

AR can also provide, much discussed, better task management ability. The ability to mix digital items with the physical one can drastically affect how you handle files, emails, and folders. They can never be a deadline one seemed to miss or a critical email failed to open.

Augmented Reality adds to the freedom of workers. Firstly, thanks to the flexibility and ease of AR experiences,  they will be better to mold their ideas into real products. Secondly, it would provide freedom to the workers. They will be able to work from anywhere they like and it would still feel like they are working together in cubicles behind glass doors.

Overall basically the whole control system will be upgraded. It’s much easier to communicate with objects in the real world. This capability provides more ability to object authority to the people, furnishing a world full of open opportunities.

How does augmented reality work?

Using a camera and screen, augmented reality projects digital information over the physical world. A real-world object or environment is recognized by the technology, and virtual content is then superimposed on it to provide an immersive experience. This improves users’ sense of the actual world by enabling them to engage with digital information in a natural and intuitive way.

What is augmented reality in simple words?

A technique known as augmented reality overlays digital things on the physical world.
Users are now able to engage with digital objects in a physical setting because of this technology.
It produces an immersive experience and improves the user’s perception of reality.

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