Augmented Reality Event Titan Raga

AugRay had conducted an exciting Augmented Reality event in partnership with Titan Raga on the launch of its gorgeous Raga watch collection- designed by the talented Masaba Gupta on the date January 12, 2018.

AugRay, a leading Augmented Reality company was launched in 2014 in the USA to provide rich and immersive experiences for brands to communicate with their customers. AugRay enables brands to redefine consumer experience, with informative, explorative and multi-sensory extended reality solutions, which combine Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technology.

Raga, as a brand, started repositioning its advertising strategy back in 2014. The idea was to find a unique voice in a highly cluttered women watches space. “We identified the platform — Khud Se Naya Rishta which captured the idea that women have choices and the right to make the one that makes them feel empowered. This is how femininity was evolving, from approval-seeking to independent and confident decision making,” a senior Marketing head said.

Talking about the event, during the course of this spectacle, AugRay with Titan managed to successfully engage over 15,000 mall visitors by using cutting-edge Augmented Reality solutions in an entertaining & immersive way to promote the new product line from Titan. The idea was to engage and delight customers with re-crafted design stories of Masaba’s exclusive watch collection under the brand of Titan Raga while providing Augmented Reality experience to the customers.

Commenting on the launch of its gorgeous watch powered by AugRay, designer Masaba Gupta said, “Working with AugRay has been beneficial for us as AugRay was not only successful in making engagement of the visitors in the mall but also helped us to create brand awareness and got huge boost selling performance of the watch even after the event.” AugRay executed in-store product recognition (recognizes the watch to bring exciting and memorable content related to the theme of the watch) to engage consumers in the mall, attract and reward onsite and continue engaging offsite.

AugRay has also done some eye-catching work with top brands such as Coca-Cola, MRF, Puma that has led them to increase customer engagement for their brand, building trusts and loyalty with their target group with the idea of Augmented Reality advertisements. AugRay attempts to bridge the real and virtual world with fun, emotional, educational and timely insights. It seeks to provide informative, exploratory and multi-sensory solutions that redefine consumer experience.

While the brands use digital videos and television spots to emotionally connect with their consumer base, print and outdoor is leveraged to showcase their product, AugRay aims to provide platform applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables that enrich the digital life of customers and also has been successful in providing AR/VR/MR platform applications that provide customers with a valuable visual experience. AugRay also bridges the real and virtual world with fun, emotional, education and timely insights.

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  • 100% Business Growth
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