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Augmented Reality is a new trend in the field of technology. Augmented Reality has more or less enhanced the marketing activities of most of the industries like tourism, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, retail, AR gaming, and the list is endless, as every day new industries are getting introduced.

AR is a live direct or indirect view of the physical real-world environment, whose elements are actually augmented by computer-generated sensory input in the form of sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

The effect of AR in beginning was limited to only a few countries, as it was still a new word to most of the people, and many of them fail to Imagine that something like Augmented Reality can just change the look of their business. And when it comes to the AR gaming communities, even it was a new experience for them as well. They were excited to interact with the gaming characters and feel as if they are real ones coming out of the screen. With the release of Pokémon Go, the effect of AR gaming reached worldwide. Many people who were still not accustomed to this term also enjoyed playing the game. Pokémon Go actually brought the entire gaming community together.

In India, though Pokémon Go has been launched officially little later than the other places, still it heralds the start of augmented reality gaming, showing a possibility that in future people might step out of their house with their smartphones fighting virtual enemies in the real world. There were some limitations in India regarding the playing of augmented reality games, the prime factor being the roads and lanes of India, as people need to step out of their house to play. But still, Indian gamers were enthusiastic enough to play and have participated in this gaming revolution. And when it comes to the devices used to play AR games, then obviously India has them store. After China, it is India that manufactures a maximum number of smartphones in a year. This will support its gaming community. The initiative of Digital India taken by Indian Government also acts as a positive factor for the augmented reality games to capture the Indian market and influence the Indian audiences.

Many Indian gaming start-ups specialized in augmented reality games have used this gaming revolution and are building their own version of AR games which allows them to tap into the audience of early adopters, and create maximum engagements with AR ecosystem. They want to build AR games which are exciting and also simple and comfortable that the Indian audience prefers.

Very soon AugRay is launching its first-ever AR based Avatar game to wow its consumers.

According to Digi Capital, the Global Augmented Reality Market is targeted to reach $120 billion by 2020.  In the next few years to come, Augmented Reality is believed to rule the gaming industry, and is also considered the future of this industry. This revolutionizing effect is expected to be experienced at a worldwide level, and India is no exception to it and for sure will impact the audience the same way VR games have got its place and the process has already begun!

AugRay works to make the customer experience more interactive, rich and engaging so that it can add value to the service, creating brand awareness and customer loyalty. If your company is planning to incorporate Augmented Reality into their day to day or promotional and marketing activities to enhance customer experience, then contact AugRay today to get the most suitable AR solution for your brand.

Is Pokemon Go augmented reality?

Pokemon Go does indeed use augmented reality.
A mobile device’s camera and GPS are used to overlay digital Pokemon over real-world places.
Players will have an immersive and participatory experience thanks to the blending of virtual and actual worlds.

What is AR augmented reality?

A technique called augmented reality projects digital data over the physical world.
By including virtual aspects, it improves the user’s experience of the physical surroundings.
AR is utilized in a number of industries, including entertainment, instruction, gaming, and advertising.

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  • 100% Business Growth
  • Increase customer engagement with interactive visual experience.