AR Core Capability

Best of breed rendering capabilities in AR
Augray utilizes the deep expertise in implementing and evolving SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping), object recognition, facial construction and motion capture to render exciting solutions for marketing, education, discovery and more.
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Gamifying real-world, everyday experiences
Augray’s PlayAR platform combines numerous AR/VR re-skinnable Games and a Rewards system.
Exciting games
Transforms exciting mobile games into a seamless playground where experiences change depending on the place, person and context.
Rewards system
Brands combine game rewards and physical rewards to engage users, drive retention and advocacy.
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Content Management System (CMS)

Intelligent CMS dynamically shaping AR product and game experiences
All aspects of AR visualizations and Augray games such as game themes, animations, rewards can be instantly re-designed and deployed based on location, brand, user preference and much more.
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Interactive 3D Models

Ultra-real interactive 3D models of products can narrate instantly
Consumers can visualize a car in great detail on their palms or interact with a crumbling historical building in its previous glory, Augray’s platform makes this possible in a quick turnaround.
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AR Avatars

Patent pending one-of-a-kind, animated 3D Avatars that communicate emotions
Augray’s AR avatars are also featured as the world’s first AR social network "TaDa Time", which combines facial recognition algorithms with realistic animated motion. It also fundamentally changes how people communicate.
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Geo-Fencing and Geo-Location

Localized AR experience
Brands can use real-time location-based services such as Geo-fencing/ Geo-location, to generate tailor-made notifications.
For close range detection/ communication, Beacons are used to trigger actions.
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Business Intelligence

Insights from AR Interactions streamline marketing spend
Consumer AR, VR and MR interactions enable brands to know their audience in great depth. Learn not only about consumer engagements such as views, interactions but also behavioral, cues e.g. prospect is interested in leather seat options of a car. Generate leads, improved marketing efforts, engage and retain right customers.
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