Augray App

The one-stop mobile application for all AR experiences
Bringing together AR experiences and AR games from a variety of brands. Augray provides many ways for users to explore, have fun and earn real rewards.
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Play a host of exciting AR games solo or with your friends together and earn rewards around you.

Product Experience

Experience products in the real world. Scan the products, view and try them on.

Image/Product Recognition

Scan images, banners, brand advertisements etc., for amazing augmented reality experiences.

Virtual Buddy

Create your virtual buddies, nurture them and watch them evolve.

TaDa Time

World’s first AR Chat Application and Social Network
Create your AR avatar and communicate. Your creation "TaDa" jumps into the real world, to express how you feel, and also can take you where your imagination decides. Blending real and virtual, digital communication is fundamentally changed!
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