Explore the whole new world of
Augmented Reality


LIVE AR enhances your brand awareness


Create an interactive AR experience


Boost overall ROI for your business

Live AR helps to unlock some of the most exciting breakthroughs for businesses and organizations. Companies that embrace the availability of rich contextual information and take advantage of live AR are going to experience efficiencies and fundamentally transform how they engage with their customers and users.

The possibilities are endless with Live AR

Bring on digital characters live on stage to interact with users. How about Einstein on the stage demonstrating your product and communicating live with users? Alternatively, get your brand ambassadors to come alive on stage interacting live with consumers. The newly introduced Live AR Broadcast product from AugRay can amplify the event investments significantly.

Live AR Broadcast:

Using Live AR as part of your marketing strategy has limitless capabilities to promote your brand to consumers who are looking for new ways to experience content. The growth of consumers’ demands an evolution of mobile devices and market capabilities lead to strong trends that make Live AR one of the major tools and platforms in the tech world. In other words, Live AR helps to increase sales and also can propose various features that may buff e-commerce helping any business to boost their revenue.