Why Augray


Our team of Augers are experts at developing out-of-the-box ideas that are as custom as we know our client’s unique needs are. When customers are demanding more, and competitors are nipping at your heals, it’s more important than ever to find a partner that you can work with to take your brand strategy to the next level. AugRay is ready to be that vehicle for your brand to communicate with your customers in a compelling, meaningful, and exciting new way.


AugRay unlocks unique content that attracts, and retains consumers by immersing them in a rich experience and creates passionate and engaged brand champions that want to share your brand with their most trusted network. Your product is amazing. Get it in the hands of consumers’ by augmenting your print collateral with AugRay’s AR technology and create more brand loyal and repeat customers.  Build a custom experience with your brand – AugRay can do that.

shoppingShopper Marketing

The right time and the right place can make all the difference. Your customers don’t always plan what they are going to buy when they head out shopping. But you should. The right integration of augmented reality and geo-proximity can take advantage of shopper’s behavior when they are out in the real world making real buying decisions, both inside and outside of the retail environment. Because your most loyal customers are one of the best  sources of revenue, keep them coming back with personalized rewards programs and  custom experiences.

salesSales Promotion

Your product is amazing. Could your sales team use more engaging and compelling tools to put your product in the hands of more people? Use AugRay’s AR suite of offerings to bring your product or service to your target audience. From buildings, to machines, to automobiles if you have a larger than life product or hard to communicate service let AugRay help. Augment your brochures, sales materials, and marketing materials. Equip your sales force with the right tools to put your product and brand in the hands of a qualified and engaged audience.  Whether in a sales meeting or at a trade show – seeing is believing.


Looking for fun and engaging ideas for your upcoming event or want to create an event to attract and retain more customers? AugRay can help you engage and reward your audience with prizes for going on a treasure hunt, unlocking unique content, playing virtual reality games and more! With AugRay – the sky is the limit.



You don’t have to own a gaming console to play a game now.  Gaming has permeated the physical world around us and infiltrated new audiences, occasions, and parts of our lives that wasn’t previously possible. With playing games being the fourth most popular daily mobile phone activity it’s a can’t miss space for a brand to leverage. Customers play. You win. Indulge your customers with loads of fun games and give them a tickle to giggle experience and a reason to remember your brand. Gamification – blurring the lines of what defines a game.



Imagine a world where everything with your brand on it – t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, water bottles and more could tell your unique story. AugRay can augment your promotional merchandise.

Value Propositions

Bring print to life and make it measurable-Don’t just visualize it. Experience it.

Engage and interact with consumers creating brand champions, not just customers.

Right-time, Right-Place: Connect your rewards system with your customer when they walk through the door based on geo proximity.

Make your brand fun and rewarding with geo-based games.

Access Business intelligence reports to help you better understand your target consumer.

Leverage a multi-faceted interface with a one touch library to access all your AR contents in one place, keeping consumers engaged when it matters most.