MRF ICC Cricket World Cup AR Tour

Campaign Objective

MRF is an internationally recognized tire company with a presence in paints & coats, toys, motorsports and cricket training. Recognized for their drive for continuous quality improvements and have won the JD Power award ten (10) times! MRF’s agency Wizcraft is one of India’s leading communication and entertainment companies representing over 500 of the largest multinational and corporate houses across the world including brands like Audi, Gillette, Microsoft and Samsung to name a few.

Wizcraft is known for pioneering extravagant and mesmerizing events and so it was no surprise they chose AugRay as their augmented reality partner to bring another smashing event that lives up to their reputation to four cities, in eight days for MRF and their ICC Cricket World Cup tour.

In partnership with these premiere partners AugRay leveraged the power and excitement of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to bring the World Cup and a couple star players to the people through using AugRay’s amazing augmented reality platform. Increasing brand engagement, positive brand association, and brand recognition and leveraging the excitement of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.


One month prior to the start of the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup (in January 2015) MRF toured, with their partners Wizcraft and AugRay, an AR World Cup and a 3D look-live image of two Indian World Cup players, Virat Kohli and Sikhar Dhawan across India.
It would be difficult, if not impossible, for MRF to bring their ICC Cricket World Cup Indian Team players on a tour of India with the World Cup to visit the people and take pictures with fans. So what’s the next best thing? Vice President of Wizcraft’s Chennai office, Basheer Ahmed, said “across India to use AR in a way you could stand along with the cup and the brand ambassador either Virat Kohli or Shikar Davan, it’s up to you, your choice, and then you take a snap with them which is uploaded on your Facebook, or you can save it on your phone, and it will be as good as the real thing”.
MRF surprised mall shoppers in four major metropolitan cities: Chennai, Mumbai, National Capital Region (NCR) and Kolkata.
Shoppers lined up to take-a-pic with the virtual cup and player, their image was shared on a big screen with the swipe of a finger, and uploaded to the MRF website.


Surprising and engaging over 60,000 unsuspecting shoppers across four cities. Over 10,280 AugRay AR pictures were taken using AugRay’s app over the eight (8) days. The World Cup AR tour was the largest MRF event of its kind worldwide and the first augmented reality initiative for MRF. AugRay was proud to work with such premier brands. Vice President of Wizcraft Chennai, Basheer Ahmed, said “it was really a great experience and I wish them (AugRay) all the best, very best, and we will continue working with them”.

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