Campaign Objective

Marrybrown is the worlds largest Halal QSR originating from Asia.  Marrybrown partnered with AugRay to revamp their current promotions.  Tired of boring one-dimensional promotions we built a game around the wildly popular sport of soccer, tieing it to special promotions, rewards, and social media. We launched it while soccer was taking the world stage in 2014.  Engaging consumers with fun sharable content and keeping Marrybrown’s brand in the hands of their target consumers for longer-periods of time.


AugRay developed exciting and engaging promotional strategies that evolved and updated Marrybrown, giving them a competitive advantage. Soccer was at the heart and on the mind of many people in countries around the world.  Marrybrown leveraged this excitement by running in store ‘country specific’ promotional menu items along-side a relevant AR game that was augmented from flyers and table tents.  Customers could be the star in their own soccer game and use their ‘virtual’ teammates to score goals, share their experience and earn rewards.  We also developed an in store experiential zone where customers, while waiting, could take pictures with a ‘virtual’ professional soccer player, share their experience, and listen to exciting soccer theme music from the 2014 games.



A brand that once had a one-dimensional in store and out of store presence now had an AR strategy that extended their brand beyond their doors, to the network of their consumers and kept their brand in front of their most loyal consumers for long periods of time Marrybrown had increased brick-and-mortar traffic, higher coupon redemptions, and received high-quality feedback from in store managers about the overall increased levels of engagement and excitement experienced by diners.

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