Campaign Objective

Lyca Productions, a Tamil movie house, launched the high-budget film Kaththi in October 2014. Lyca Productions and the Kaththi marketing team wanted to wow movie buffs and movie goers alike with a unique out-of-theater experience


Over four days in October 2014 AugRay, using image recognition technology, augmented 26 different Kaththi posters, newspaper print ads and more. Thousands of print materials and merchandise now became more dynamic than ever. When users scanned the Kaththi images they could take a picture with the hero of the film, actor Vijay, as if he was right there with them, purchase movie tickets with the touch of a screen on Tickets Now, Like to follow the latest Kaththi releases on Facebook, and have a first-look at movie trailers, songs, and more.


Kaththi generated over 570,000 Facebook fans for the movie. Kaththi and AugRay’s AR related Facebook & Twitter posts about the campaign generated over 5,000 Likes and Shares of the conversation. Over 200 augmented reality photos were taken with Actor Vijay from scanning their newspaper ads.


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