Godrej Properties

Campaign Objective

Well known Tamil real estate company Godrej Properties developed the first prestigious residential gated community project in Chennai, Godrej PalmGrove. The thought occurred to them, if only I could bring the building to the people I know I would sell more units. But how can you bring a building to a person? Godrej Properties charged AugRay with bringing PalmGrove’s dream homes, with never before seen benefits, to a luxury real estate expo where they showcased their properties.


AugRay added rich digital content like 3D building renderings, 360 degree views of the facility, interactive walk throughs of the apartments, photo galleries of floor plans, and promotional videos to Godrej PalmGrove’s one-dimensional print collateral. Bringing the PalmGrove luxury accommodations to a hyper-targeted audience, when they were making purchasing decisions. How many people have been able to say they can bring the building to you and it will fit in the palm of your hand? Godrej Properties can!



Consumers were able to, with the touch of a finger, explore the luxurious Godrej PalmGrove estate as the building emerged from the brochure in a glorious 3D model taunting viewers to dive inside and learn more. The optimization of print materials by overlaying robust digital content, viewable through the AugRay app on your smartphone or tablet resulted in better recall of the property. Godrej Properties received multiple queries through the measurable call-to-action buttons built in to their custom experience. The more Godrej Properties showed the property off to prospective buyers, using AugRay’s augmented reality platform, the more people the booth attracted. The duration of time spent in the booth engaging with PalmGrove’s marketing team was much greater due to the engaging and supportive technology. Serious prospects were even able to bring home the augmented brochures to walk through the property with their spouses and other decision makers that were not onsite at the event, expediting the decision making process and purchase funnel.

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