Coca Cola

Campaign Objective

Coca-Cola has been bringing smiles to the faces of consumers for over 128 years with their refreshing, ice-cold proprietary recipe. With over 3,500 brands worldwide, available in over 200 countries, their reputation precedes them. Over Christmas 2014 Coca-Cola wanted to “Share More Happiness” with thirsty holiday shoppers through a, first ever, Indian market AR event with POS integration.


AugRay and the Coca-Cola event management company, Big Fish, delivered a high impact Christmas event at Forum Mall. Holiday shoppers stopped to dance, and engage with the larger than life Santa and to even see themselves as a dancing Santa using AugRay’s AR platform. Shoppers received an AR enabled holiday greeting card after purchasing a Coca-Cola bottle. Coca-Cola gave a FREE bottle to each person who bought one so they could “share more happiness”. After scanning the card shoppers were asked to take a selfie and then the screen came to life showcasing them as a dancing Santa Clause. The experience could then be shared with their social media network, friends and family.


Thousands huddled around, laughing, dancing, and being wowed while they enjoyed an ice-cold Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s Associate Operations & Marketing Manager, Upasna Sanyal, said “It’s been a fantastic experience for Coca-Cola. It’s been fantastic, this Christmas activation we did. All the support that we got, from the first time we worked together (referencing AugRay) I’ve got a lot of support in terms of brainstorming, ideas…as a team they’ve been extremely helpful.” This was the first augmented reality event by Coca-Cola in India and the second largest Coca-Cola AR event worldwide (by sales). Over 1,000 photos were taken. Over 2,100 Coca-Cola bottles were sold. The event reached an audience so large that the event management team had to reconfigure the set up to support the 10,000+ holiday shoppers that flocked to the event to be wowed and amazed.

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